We are a local tour group passionate about good beer
We offer unique, personalised, food & beer tours - All drinks and a large lunch are included in our packages

Our tours showcase the regions top Craft Breweries. We take pride in giving you the best beer experience possible. Interested? Contact us for more info, we are always up for a chat about good beer! Private pick up and drop off available. From $144 per person. Group Discounts apply

There are so many venues to visit! Check them out below

Blackman’s Brewery has their slogan on the wall as you walk in - we love good beer. Having recently won 'Champion Small Australian Brewery' they are going from strength to strength creating truly exceptional beers - from a Lemon Sorbet Sour to a Gin Barrel Aged Choc Berry Dark Ale. A locally owned brewery they’ve created a perfect venue for enjoying good beer

Bells Beach - once known for the Rip Curl Pro and Keanu Reeves Reluctance to chase Patrick Swayze - is now home to Bells Beach Brewing. A relatively new brewhouse with a keen focus on local and quality. With a relaxed Surf Vibe and some outstanding beers its a venue not to be missed

Airey’s Pub and Salt Brewing is the perfect seaside modern pub. Having wrestled the pub away from developers and mainstream beers this amazing venue specialises in supporting local with Salt brewing making exceptional beers on site, a huge range of local wines and a famous locally sourced range of pub grub. With the help of a tasting paddle and a wide range of craft beers you’ll find something for every palate.

Little Creatures Brewing is one of Australia's most recognisable brewery's and Geelong is proud to be home to their sprawling craft beer wonderland. With 3 x venues on site (little Creatures Brewing, White Rabbit Hall, Furphys Hall) you will be hard pressed not to find something to delight everyone. This family friendly beer and food landscape is a highlight of anyone visiting our region! 

We meet and finish at the famous Little Creatures Hall on Swanson Street

Mount Duneed Estate is the home to “A Day on the Green” concerts and festivals so naturally the Mt Duneed Brewing Company produced their own craft beers to celebrate. In conjunction with ciders from the Pettavel Road Brewing Company a sampling paddle is a fantastic way to get the day started!

Valhalla are passionate about creating quality, handcrafted beer that helps to open up people’s perceptions of what beer can or should be.

In norse mythology, Valhalla is the great hall of Odin where Viking warriors go after they die to be reunited with their friends and loved ones. In essence it is the Viking’s heaven, where they feast, fight and drink beer for eternity. Valhalla had the thought that this was a fitting name for a brewery & taproom (although they prefer to think of themselves as lovers rather than fighters!).

Designed to ignite your imagination and explore your curiosity White Rabbit Brewery is an experience in and of itself. The Barrel Hall is just the place to do this surrounded by the open fermenters and barrels filled with their range of craft beers. Leave all your preconceived ideas at the door as you explore their range of ales made with the perfect blend of tried and true techniques with new age thinking!

Brewicolo in Ocean Grove is the newest craft brewery on the Bellarine. This family owned small independent brewery was born from supporting local with the love of beer. But don't rush them, they are on Fiji time. “People in Fiji are relaxed, laid-back,” says Kay. “Everyone there is on ‘island time’, you know? It’s ready when it’s ready.”

This historic 1878 pub is the essential beachside venue - a craft beer haven with a huge range of their own whacky beers on tap. Last time we were there we saw someone ride a motorbike through the bar but don't let that dissuade you from a craft beer experience! 

Beer Lovers out and about