The Surf Coast Beer Tour

What do the Great Ocean Road, Craft Beer and this description all have in common? They are all Epically Amazing!

The Surf Coast Beer tour explores the best craft breweries from Geelong to Torquay to Aireys Inlet. Enjoy a unique tasting paddle of craft beers at every venue combined with a large locally sourced lunch at the famous Airey’s Pub along one of Australia’s top driving routes – this an experience sure to keep everyone happy

The tour includes a large lunch and a tasting paddle of different beers at each venue. You will visit award winning breweries

Popular Destinations. Every tour is different 

Blackman’s Brewery is located on the seaside surfer’s haven Torquay and their philosophy is simple- we love good beer. A locally owned brewery they’ve created a perfect venue for enjoying good beer, good food and enjoying a relaxing day at the pub. With beers called Ernie, Reginald, Arthur and Mervyn it’s time to meet some of the team!

Included in this tour: a paddle of 6 Beers

Bells Beach - once known for the Rip Curl Pro and Keanu Reeves Reluctance to chase Patrick Swayze - is now home to Bells Beach Brewing. A relatively new brewhouse with a keen focus on local and quality. With a relaxed Surf Vibe and some outstanding beers its a venue not to be missed

Included in this tour: a paddle of 5 Beers

Airey’s Pub and Salt Brewing is the perfect seaside modern pub. Having wrestled the pub away from developers and mainstream beers this amazing venue specialises in supporting local with Salt brewing making exceptional beers on site, a huge range of local wines and a famous locally sourced range of pub grub. With the help of a tasting paddle and a wide range of craft beers you’ll find something for every palate.

Included in this tour: a paddle of 6 Beers and a Locally Sourced Lunch

Mount Duneed Estate is the home to “A Day on the Green” concerts and festivals so naturally the Mt Duneed Brewing Company produced their own craft beers to celebrate. In conjunction with ciders from the Pettavel Road Brewing Company a sampling paddle is a fantastic way to get the day started!

Included in this tour: a paddle of 4 Beers

"The bar, clad in reclaimed wood and bejewelled with festoon lighting heralds 6 taps of our finest beer,  bottles bumping shoulders in the fridge, an eclectic mix of beer-inspired cocktails and a fistful of wines."

Little Creatures Brewing is one of Australia's most recognisable brewery's and Geelong is proud to be home to their sprawling craft beer wonderland. With 3 x venues on site (little Creatures Brewing, White Rabbit Hall, Furphys Hall) you will be hard pressed not to find something to delight everyone. This family friendly beer and food landscape is a highlight of anyone visiting our region! 

We meet and finish at the famous Little Creatures Hall on Swanson Street

  • Prices per head includes a paddle of beers at every venue and a large locally sourced lunch
    • 6 to 11 people Private tour.   $159 per head
    • 12 to 24 people Private tour. $149 per head

    Little Creatures, 221 Swanston St, Geelong 10.45  am. Your guide will meet you at the front street entrance. We get back at 4.30 approximately.

    Private Pick up preferred? We can arrange pick up & drop off from Geelong to Lara

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